Altest’s Capabilities

Altest constantly upgrades its infrastructure to cater to all types of PCBA. Our multi-flex assembly lines, flying probe testers, traceability software and onsite component warehouse, arefew of our advanced infrastructures that standout as a testimonial to this. 

Assembly Capabilities

Altest focuses on providing hassle free, end-to-end PCBA service by addressing every challenge with an innovative and systematic approach. We also ensure rapid turnaround time without any compromise on the quality and functionality of the product. We continue to extend our services towards improving the capabilities of connected smart factories.

Feature Capability Information
Bare Board Baking Max board size 25"X72"
PCB Spec Requirements PCB Min Thickness 0.015"
PCB max thickness 1.50"
Max board size 25"X72"
Standard Assy lead time 5 days
Expedite Assy lead time 1 day
Facility Shifts 1
Assembly Types Surface mount 12 SMT
Thru-hole 2 T/H
Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole) Yes
Single or double sided placement Yes
Conformal coating Yes
Shield cover assembly for EMI emission control Yes
Hand soldering capability Yes
Facility Shifts Yes
Solder Type Lead-free - RoHS Yes
Tin/Lead 37/63 Yes
Other Type(s) (which ones?) no clean solder
Component type assembly capability SMT 01005 or larger yes
Package size down to 0201 Yes
BGA devices and BGA connectors Yes
IC pin to pin for 0.35mm pitch Yes
RF cables and RF components yes both
Stiffeners Yes
Press-fit components Yes
MLO/BGA Attachments Yes
DUT socket or docking unit Yes
Conical Inductors Yes
Double and triple stack components (caps, resistors) yes by hand
Cable & wire (what types?) Yes any type
SMT Parts Presentation Bulk not a good idea
Cut tape Yes
Partial reel Yes
Reel Yes
Tube yes both
Tray Yes
Stencils Laser-cut stainless steel yes
Non-stencil process capable yes by hand
Cleaning Methods Ultrasonic capable? yes
DI water yes
In-line cleaning or batch yes
Other Type(s) (which ones?)
Inspections 100% AOI test and X-ray (3D/5D) test for BGA yes
Incoming Inspection available? yes
Ionograph cleaning test No
Digital Microscope Capable yes
Flying Probe Test Capable yes
In Circuit Testing No
Functional Testing yes
Rework Capabilities Trace cutting yes
Hand-wiring yes
Mini solder fountain yes
BGA rework station yes
Gold rework capacity yes
Hand-soldering Yes
Certifications IPC 610D certified personnel yes
Other certifications? AS9100/ISO 13484 Medical
Analytical Capabilities Failure analysis tools No
Flying Probe Test Capabilities In-house FPT? yes
Model & Maker SEICA V8
Max board size for Testing 72"
Others not mentioned above