Altest focuses on providing a solution to every manufacturing challenge. We offer box build assembly for any type of project. We can create custom enclosures for your PCBA project and send them directly to the consumers. We also maintain a clean, temperature-controlled warehouse to store all the finished products before shipment, along with our robust labelling and traceability software. 

At Altest we offer

Cable Harness Assembly

Altest offers a wide variety of cable assembly types for all industrial applications. Our dedicated team of experienced and able engineers, design the cable and the assembly to provide a seamless end to end manufacturing process, for all the custom cabling works in our box build assembly projects.

A harness is a group of wires and/or cables encased in a non-conductive durable sheath. Materials used for these coverings are typically rubber or vinyl due to their non-conductive properties. Gold, copper, aluminum, or many different metal alloys are used to make wires. Depending on the desired conductivity, we select the appropriate wires for our customers.

Cable Harness Industry Applications

Cable Harness Applications


Pneumatic systems make use of pressured gas to actuate a device to function. They are generally powered by pressurized air or inert gases. A small or large-scale compressor is needed to power up cylinders, motors, and other pneumatic devices. Pneumatic systems are commonly used in medical, packaging, material handling, entertainment, and robotic applications. These systems are sometimes preferred because they are inexpensive, versatile, reliable, and less dangerous than electronic actuators, electric motors, and solenoids.

They can be especially helpful in hazardous conditions such as in mining operations as a stray spark could cause a chain reaction in such hazardous environments. Pneumatic systems can be used in combination with various other electrical/electronic integrated systems to activate certain parts of a device. They are particularly useful where minute loads are desired.