Failure Analysis Laboratory

Failure analysis of PCBA’s is significant and becoming more relevant in the industry. Altest has recently created a Failure Analysis lab. We will deliver a comprehensive test report from non-destructive testing to destructive testing which allows isolation of the PCB failure, including a root cause failure analysis to identify the conditions and specific phenomena behind the failure.

The Lab is appointed with state-of-the-art equipment to test and X-Ray components and boards. We are delighted to offer this value added analysis to our customers. Our extensive equipment and resources include:

In addition, to our equipment and techniques, we have an expert FA team who will work to identify your PCBA defects and root cause analysis. Our engineers will communicate directly and comprehensively with your team. We have extensive experience with all major electronic components, bare printed circuit fabrication, as well as printed circuit assembly processing. You will receive a detailed test report tailored to your requirements.

Counterfeit components and parts are another challenge and require attention. Our FA Lab has proven techniques to identify these counterfeit components. A counterfeit electronic component is either a part that has been copied, altered, or created to misrepresent a legitimate component or it can be a used or reclaimed older part that is represented as new. It is estimated that counterfeit parts have cost manufacturers in the United States billions of dollars annually. These issues must be identified early in the process. The counterfeit parts may have been removed from legitimately discarded electronic waste, or in some cases from stolen electronics. The true origin will be masked through sanding, burning, or cleaning with acid and then re-branded with digital printing, labelling them as high-quality parts.

 Specific Counterfeit Detections



Delivering premium FA lab features, advanced analysis is provided through quantitive tools for measurement and classification of parts.

The OKOS system offers innovative Scanning Acoustic Microscopy solutions by understanding and responding swiftly to each and every customer need. OKOS makes more than 90% of the parts used and has uninterrupted availability of parts coupled with solutions to transform operations and throughput.


Altest has purchased two of these superior microscopes with the ability to view, capture, and measure.

This is the #1 digital microscope in the world used by all major manufacturers.


Offers instant measurement and simultaneous measurement of all surfaces using 3D.

The system is capable of high-definition imaging and has triple the detection performance of conventional systems without sacrificing its simple operation. Just place the part on the stage and press one button. With a 20 megapixel CMOS sensor and a new algorithm for stable edge detection, high accuracy measurement on up to 300 features is now possible within seconds. The fast, accurate, and easy to use interface of this product solve various measurement-related problems.

Ability to store 2.16 million images (when 3 megapixel images are compressed)


Automatic Component reel counting and ability to count strips and trays…

Assure is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to implement live component inventory management into your organization. Specialized logical algorithms and self-learning capabilities empower operators to add (not teach) new component types without needing cumbersome libraries that require programming.

One button operation and an intuitive touchscreen interface means users can learn to operate within minutes.

Optomized for speed, Assure counts components fast so you can process inventory sooner and, count a single reel in approximately 10 seconds—4 reels in under 15 seconds.


A high power laser using optical fibers offering significant improvement of the decapsulation speed.

This is a revolutionary approach “Eco Blue” to perform the non-destructive decapsulation to the die with no laser. This is a photochemical approach collaborated with the short wavelength user, which will remove the epoxy mold compound and/or polyamide perfectly clean from the die surface.

This application can fully or partially replace traditional micro-drilling, sawing, and chemical etching processes. The FALIT® provides fast and accurate solutions for IC de-capsulation, cross-sectioning, and de-lidding, expose the insides from ceramic, KOVAR, gel, and mold compound capsulation, expose defective bonding wires, observe solder ball mid-position and lamination cracks and more evidence of failure.


Very high power CT (Computed tomography X-Ray to see under BGA’s)

The Diamond X-Ray system is maintenance-free with a sealed transmissive X-Ray tube. The vertical system configuration, with the X-ray tube sitting below the isocentric ‘move and tilt’ of the detector, all controlled through the simple, joystick-free, ‘point and click’ operation. The software provides the safe and collision-free inspection required for production applications. All tasks can be automated. The system has geometric magnification and total 60,000x with digital zoom. There is nothing that you cannot see in the process of X—Ray detection.


Do you want to see our sample lab test reports? Please find here