How our PCB Testing Process Works

Altest possesses an entire spectrum of testing machines, equipment and processes that ensure complete functionality and deliverability of your PCB design. At every stage of production, we run a series of checks, functional tests and also run the multiple flying probe testers, to ensure that you have an end-to-end hassle-free experience. When your designs are paired with our PCBA capabilities, we guarantee a rapid turn-around time and absolute peace of mind.


Solder Paste Printer

Diamond 3D X-Ray

Functional Testing

Flying Probe Tester

3D AOI System


Our flying probe tester systems allow us to quickly test any board irrespective of their size and dimension. To achieve our goal of a completely flexible factory, we have invested in multiple flying probe testers which ensure that testing has no impedance on the delivery date of any board.


Our 3D AOI machines allow us to inspect the boards after the reflow oven assembly process. To cater to the boards which are sometimes double sided by design, our 3D AOI machines inspect them in 3D space. It is then followed by a detailed hand inspection and a complete scan with our traceability software.


Our testing approach uses software and/or hardware that simulate inputs and assesses the outputs of the product under test. This Functional Testing methodology has minimised the cost to build an actual operational test system. This methodology is also suitable for all type of production, right from the prototyping to high volume production.